Historical Gold and Silver Prices in Excel

Get historical prices for gold and silver with this free web-connected spreadsheet. You can get prices in many different currencies.

Gold and silver have been on a roll-coaster over the last few years. These two precious metals form a significant part of many portfolios, and clever investors need to keep tabs on historic prices.

That’s where this spreadsheet comes into play – it gives you quick access to historic price data across many different currencies.

This spreadsheet is really easy to use.

Historic Gold & Silver Prices in an Excel SpreadsheetStart by

  • choosing whether you want historic prices for either gold or silver,
  • then select the currency you want prices in,
  • then enter a start date and end date,
  • and finish by clicking on the “Get Data” button.

The spreadsheet then connects to a web-service that provides historic prices for gold and silver, and downloads daily closing prices between the two dates. This process is fully automated and takes place behind-the-scenes with some clever VBA.

The data is placed in the “Data” sheet.

historical gold price data in an Excel sheetYour price data is returned in one of 164 currencies.

CurrenciesThese include historic gold and silver prices in USD, GBP, CAD, CNY, JPY and many more. Just pick the currency from the drop-down menu.

A complete list of currencies (together with their ISO 4217 currency code) is given on the right-hand side of the Parameters sheet (don’t delete this list – it’s used to populate the currency drop-down menu).

You can now plot and analyze this data using all of Excel’s tools. You can calculate the historic volatility, MACD, RSI and many other technical indicators.

Excel Spreadsheet to Download Historic Gold & Silver Prices from Web

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  1. Hi.. Please let me know if there is a way to download historical prices for gold and silver with OHLC and volumes for indian and US

  2. Samir,

    I am comparing the data your spreadsheet provides for gold in USD and the data does not line up with the open or close data from Yahoo. When providing data for a specific date, is it providing the open, close, average? Thank you for your assistance!



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