Technical Trading

Calmar Ratioxx
Treynor Ratioxx
How to Calculate Betaxx
Sharpe Ratioxx
Sortino Ratioxx
Jensen's Alphaxx
Information Ratioxx
Historical VolatilityxxCalculation steps and spreadsheet that calcualtes historical volatility from Yahoo stock quotes
Stutzer Indexxx
Maximum DrawdownxxVBA function
Stock Screener for Excel with Automatic Data DownloadxDownloads financial data for over 6800 ticker symbols (over 60 items per ticker). Customizable filtering.
Average True Rangexx
Stock Comparison SpreadsheetxRetrieves data from web. Compare finance info for 10 stocks
Trading Journal SpreadsheetxRecord historical stock trades, suggests stop-loss, summarizes portfolio position, P&L
Relative Strength Indexxx
Compound Annual Growth RatexxLearn how to calculate CAGR in Excel, and discover its limitations
Ulcer IndexxxA tool for measuring the stress of holding an investment
How to Calculate MACD in Excelxx
Generate trading signals with MACDx
How to Annualize Volatilityx
How to Calculate EMA in ExcelxxTutorial and free web-connected spreadsheet with full open VBA
Zephyr Pain Indexxx
Williams %RxxTrading guide and spreadsheet with Internet connectivity
Measure the strength of a treend with Aroonx
Calculate Aroon with Excel and VBAxx
Stochastic OscillatorxxCalculation guide, and spreadsheet
Stock Returns HistogramxA spreadsheet that downloads historical prices for any ticker and plots a returns distribution
Upside Potential RatioxxVBA and Excel worksheet formula
RSI Trading Strategy GamexxBacktest a simple RSI-based trading strategy. Adapt the VBA for more sophisticated strategies
Accumulation Distribution Linexx
Chaikin Oscillator – Spreadsheet with VBAxx
Calculate On-Balance Volume in Excelxx
Force Index for Technical Tradersxx

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  1. Wonderful work.
    Are you able to build a spreadsheet for relative strength against the overall market for aprox. 1000


    James Ker


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