MarketXLS Review

topleftSometimes I just want stock market data in Excel, and I don’t want to spin my wheels hacking about with VBA.

Sources of Intraday Stock Data

This is a list of free and paid-for sources of intraday quotes across many international exchanges, including the US, UK, Germany, Japan and more,

RSI Trading Strategy Game

Backtest a simple RSI trading strategy with this web-connected spreadsheet – play a fantasy stock trading game!

How to Calculate Mortgage Payments in Excel

Like me, you might have used an online mortgage calculator to predict your payments.

But how do those tools come up with your payment amount? Well, armed with Excel, you can easily calculate that magical number

ING Direct Orange Key

ING Direct Canada will give you a $25 bonus (or $50 until the end of December 2012) when you open any account with an initial deposit of $100.

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga

Financial Modeling Beninnga

I’d heard good things about this book from my friends – they’d remarked that this booked helped them to translate financial modelling theory into practice. 

Financial Ratios Explained

This guide introduces the most significant financial ratios that investors use to gauge the health of a company.

The Omega Risk Measure

Traditional investment performance benchmarks quantify how much investors could potentially lose, given the variance (or downside-variance) of the portfolio. These include the Sharpe Ratio and the Sortino Ratio, which generally favor investments with a lower downside risk.