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Samir KhanHi!

I’m Samir Khan and I’m responsible for the design and the development of InvestExcel. I don’t have a background in financial mathematics and I’m not a big-shot stock trader, but I’m fascinated by the application of maths, science and technology in all its forms.

You can connect to me on

If you have a technical questoin on any of the free spreadsheets on InvestExcel, then

  • join the Facebook group and leave a message or
  • leave a comment on the relevant download page on InvestExcel for the spreadsheet

I generally will not respond to technical support questions emailed directly to me. These are question like “This spreadsheet does not work” or “How do I modify this spreadsheet to do X, Y and Z and please do this for free”. Please use the methods outlined above to submit a question.

If you want an unlocked spreadsheet or have other questions, then email me.

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  1. My preliminary question is whether you do any custom spreadsheet preparation on a fee basis. Specifically, I am interested in an Excel spreadsheet designed to value Nadex bull spreads. The bull spreads at Nadex are quite different from the binaries there in that they have two sides to value instead of one and they are NOT all or nothing. You can get the details of the bull spreads at the Nadex website. Also, the spreadsheet is not something that I would want available to others as it would provide me with some degree of trading advantage. Please advise on this matter. Thanks.

  2. Hi Friend,
    This is regarding the Multiple Stock Quote Downloader

    How much will it cost me for a version where the รคdj close”coloumn is omitted from all the spreadsheet?


  3. Dear Samir,

    Your Stock Comparison spreadsheet is brilliant. Thank you for your time and effort.
    It doesn’t seem to pick up data from stocks on the London Stock Exchange. Would this be possible?
    Also, when I click on the box “Download Updated Data” I get an error message saying that Excel cannot find the macro ‘!GetData”. Can this be resolved?
    Best wishes,

    • Hello Nick

      The spreadsheet and macros work for me on Windows 8 / Excel 2013 and Windows 7 / Excel 2010.

      The spreadsheet only downloads US stock data. If I wanted to download UK stocks, I’d have to rewrite the code to get data from another source (Yahoo Finance probably)

  4. Dear Samir,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, the spreadsheet and macros work for me too with Windows 7, but not with Excel running on my iMac.

    Thanks again for such an excellent website.


  5. Samir,

    I am interested in pulling in the next few year’s of revenue forecasts from Yahoo! Finance.

    You can get stock quotes into Excel with this command:

    =NUMBERVALUE(WEBSERVICE(“http://finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=”&SUBSTITUTE(A1,”.”,”-“)&”&f=l1”)) where A1 is the cell in Excel that contains the ticker of choice.

    Do you know the link to a company’s revenue estimate for this year and next?

  6. Hi . Samir

    I am looking someone who could write for me on the ” Interactivebrokers excel API ” application .

    I has done it in a normal window excel , but really has problem to put it in the IB excel API platform .
    Basically , (1) I need to have realtime intraday data to be loaded to a spreadsheet for only two stock ; A & B . (2) The Closing pricing (auto update every 1 min .from IB) of A & B will compare with a manually input reference value A1 & B1 respectively and give a % change in respect to reference value A1 & B1 . (3) The different %A -%B will be the end result YY . (4) if YY is a positive value > than specify value [manually set , in the spread sheet ] . An auto sent buy signal to IB to buy Stock A & sell Stock B and vice versa . ( 5) No chart or store data required . so i only see 2 – 4 lines of data always updating ..) (6) ORDER shall be conditional order with buy at market and Close all position at XXXXXXXX if YY<ZZ . whatever ! ) . (7) One day only need to send order Once after the first trigger , with exist rule specify ) .

    I already has an account with IB . Not sure you are interested to quote me base on the above .
    Basically i need a auto trade with IB . You can suggest the most simply way .

    Best Regards

  7. Hello Samir,

    I think you have helped a lot of people. Your Excel files are phenomenal. I am a Biotechnologist and have started using Excel for personal finance. Your examples are very helpful.

    A question… is there a way to plug-in minimum weight of the individual stocks and/or a particular stock in solver to get a minimum variance portfolio (Markowitz portfolio optimization)?

    Thank you.

  8. Hi Samir,

    Great content here.

    Do you have any plans to do a type of screen using Greenblatt’s “Magic Formula” calculations?

    I imagine it would be pretty simple and can pull data from Google/Yahoo.

    Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the great site. I’m new and learning lots. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong with the Stock Comparison tool. I get an error that says ‘Run time error ‘1004’ No data was selected to parse’ when I click the download updated data button (looks like a VBA error). I am using excel 2013. Any help would be appreciated.

      • hell just found your site while searching on how to build my own screener.
        I lost my previous one also when finviz did something.

        you mention non-subscribers, does that mean if i join i can continue as before with mine or even begin using yours???

  10. Samir,
    Thanks for your spreadsheet examples! Some time ago I had built a macro to pull multiple quotes using MSN Money; however, recently they changed their site and I had to switch to Yahoo. Your examples were helpful and I’d be willing to share my results.


  11. Hi Samir,

    I am interested in custom made Stock Comparison Spreadsheet data retrieval for Australian Stocks (e.g. data retrieved from au.finance.yahoo.com relating all stock/our particular chosen stock from the Australian Stock Exchange). How much your fee for preparing that customised spreadsheet?
    You can reply to my email.


  12. Hi Samir,

    Thank you for building this useful tool. I would like into incorporate multiple tickers and add certain performance indicators to this file. I would like to be able to view the vba but it is requesting a password. Please get in touch with me, I am willing to compensate generously for access to the vba code or your help directly.


  13. Hi,
    I was hoping if you could help me in editing the bulk stock data spreadsheet so that all stocks show up on one worksheet. I am trying to get a worksheet, with multiple stocks and their closing price at one specified date.

  14. Dear Support,

    Do you have TSI (True Strength Index) technical indicator Excel add-on I can purchase?

    FYI, the true strength index (TSI) is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets that attempts to show both trend direction and overbought/oversold conditions. It was first published William Blau in 1991



  15. Samir, I have a spreadsheet that works on a dell but not on a mac is there any way you could review and possibly fix the code so that it works on a mac I am using office 2011 for a mac. I can email the spreadsheet if you choose.
    Please include your fee.

  16. Samir,

    Very cool and useful website. I’d love to donate a bit of bitcoin as a thanks. What’s your bitcoin address? (if you don’t have one, perhaps set one up?)

  17. Samir, many thanks for putting all this together. I’ve been working with the Markowitz and Sharpe models for decades. Your solution to the Markowitz portfolio problem is elegant and simple. I’m a semi-retired economics professor and wish you the best of luck. I will recommend this website on my blog and in my classes.

    Tony Lima
    Silicon Valley, CA

  18. Great website,

    When I update data on the stock screener as well as the sock comparison sheet it will not work. I noticed above you mentioned the party is over, if we sign up for finfiz can we keep partying?

  19. Hello Samir ..
    Thank you for building BacktestingXL Pro tool ..,I want to ask if I already have
    (Forex MQ4 expert ) with open code , can I add the to BacktestingXL Pro Excel and doing Backtest to it in excel .


  20. Hello Samir-

    I recently created this free addin that may be interesting for you and your blog readers.

    Have Excel send alerts to your cellphone:

    If your Excel model uses real-time data (stock market feeds, instrumentation add-ins) and you are not at your PC, it is helpful to have Excel alert you if an important condition occurs. Using the popular Growl tool ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growl_(software) ), you can send an alert to your cellphone or have it popup on another PC.

    To connect to Growl, you’ll need the Growl-for-Excel Excel AddIn. Then use a simple formula to send the alert when a condition occurs, eg:

    =GrowlIf(B5 > 10, “Price has been exceeded”)

    More information here: http://growlforexcel.leftek.com

    Best Regards,
    Marc Lefkon

  21. Samir,
    Really nice work. I was wondering if you have a bulk stock quote downloader that will also calculate the historical volatility of each of the stock quotes downloaded. Goal is to ultimately to apply portfolio weights and calculate the expected volatility of a portfolio. Thank you

  22. I would like to have a custom spreadsheet developed for a specific ananlysis that I do on all the stocks listed on NSE India. Please let me know if you can develop such a sheet on a fees?

  23. Greetings Samir,

    I hope that you are doing well.

    I do not have a background in the financial sector, but am very interested in learning more about this arena and have downloaded your spreadsheet:


    to get me started. I think that it will have to be modified as the site in which seem to be pulling data from (finviz.com) does not seem to exist any longer.

    Actually, the main reason that I am writing is that I was wondering if you had any spreadsheets that can also calculate the Piotroski F-Score as I would like to also see how this indicator, which I am trying to learn about as well, will work with your wonderful spreadsheets.

    Do you have anything on the Piotroski F-Score as I was hoping that it would have been in your “Stock Comparison Spreadsheet with Data Retrieval from Web” spreadsheet but I did not see any reference to it.

    Any information that you could provide would be greatly helpful and I sincerely thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,

  24. Hi.
    Would you be familiar with a spreadsheet popular with covered call writers? This would include quite a bit of detail including stock purchase cost, covered call income over time, stock dividend income and other bits and pieces.

    Thank you

  25. Hello,

    First, thank you for sharing your work.

    Should your worksheets operate in OpenOfficeCalc? I tried Multiple Stock Quote Downloader, but it doesn’t do anything at all when I click Get Bulk Quotes.

  26. Please I am interested to buy the Intraday Stock Data in Excel but without the 15 days limitation.
    I would like an excel file that can give me the possibility of larger day range of 3 month or 6 month or even 1 year.
    Thank you very much.

  27. Dear Samir, your multiple stock quote downloader from yahoo is not working . Do you have any suggestion about how to fix it. It seems the address changed.


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