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Compound Options (Binomial Tree) with VBAThis Excel spreadsheet prices compound options with a Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial tree, and also calculates the Greeks (Delta, Gamma and Theta). The VBA can be viewed and modified.Buy Now $25 $12
Compound OptionsThis Excel spreadsheet prices compound options with the equations given by Rubinstein (1991) and Geske (1979). It is coded in VBA and uses an approximation for the bivariate cumulative probability distribution function. The VBA can be viewed and modified.Buy Now $12 $6
American OptionsExcel spreadsheet for Bjerksund & Stensland, Ju & Zhong, and Barone-Adesi & Whaley Approximations for American Options. The VBA can be viewed and is not protected.Buy Now $25 $15
Asian OptionsThis Excel spreadsheet gives the price of an Asian Option based on geometric averages (Kemna & Vorst, 1990) and arithmetic averages (Levy, 1991). All formulas are exposed and can be modified.Buy Now $30 $20
American Options (Binomial Tree)This Excel spreadsheet prices an American option with a Binomial Tree. The spreadsheet also draws the pricing lattice. The VBA is unlocked and exposedBuy Now $25 $15
American Option (Trinomial Tree)This Excel spreadsheet prices an American option with a Trinomial Tree. The VBA is unlocked and can be viewedBuy Now $25 $12
Credit Default Swap CalculatorThis Excel spreadsheet implements the CreditGrades model to price CDS spreads. The VBA can be viewed and modified.Buy Now $35 $20
American/European Option + Greeks via Binomial TreeAmerican & European Options + Greeks via Binomial Tree. The VBA is open and can be viewedBuy Now $25 $10
Monte Carlo Option PricingMonte Carlo pricing of European, Lookback, Asian & Barrier options. The VBA is open and can be viewed/editedBuy Now $35 $25
Options on LiborThis Excel 2010 spreadsheet prices Options on Libor with the Black 75 modelBuy Now $15 $10
Binomial Option PricingThis Excel spreadsheet prices European, Compound, Shout and Complex Chooser options using  a binomial tree. The VBA can be viewed and editedBuy Now $35 $25

10 thoughts on “Buy Spreadsheets”

  1. Hello
    I am interested in downloading stock information from Yahoo in a excel format using MsAccess as the source of Stock Codes and the Stock Costs

    Could you please advise me if this information is available from your company?

    Thank you

    Paul Finch

  2. Hi Samir,
    can you write for me formula that gets data from yahoo finance, like open, close, dividends, adjusted price etc.
    e.g. I have a tickers in one colum, date in another column like:
    MA 10/15/2014
    AXP 10/16/2014
    the formula should take ticker from one column and dates from another and place required data in next columns like:
    MA 10/15/2014 24.15 24.20 24.45
    AXP 10/16/2014 54.31 54.78 54.95

  3. I wanted to integrate your Live stock quote VBA into the Tading Journal Spreadsheet so I can keep the “last trade” accurate without manual input.

    The Trading Journal is locked in the VBA editor and you mention to unlock it by buying the spreadsheet. I can only see the options sheets listed here for purchase and not the basic trading journal.

  4. Hi Pricing Expert,
    May I urgently seek for your help below:

    1. Can you write a MC simulation for stock price simulation with a series of discrete dividend payments with non-constant volatility using Local Volatility Model?
    2. In building Local Volatility Model, would you pls incorporate a series of discrete dividend payments with actual examples with call/put implied Vol Surface from Bloomberg / Reuters and build Local Volatility Modeling from Implied Vol Surface?


  5. Hello Samir
    I saw you awesome intraday excel file.
    I would like buy an excel spreadsheet witch produces the following customized intraday data output:

    (The DATE and TIME should be separated into different cells) and the data must be saved to csv file.
    If possible, can the data be refreshed/loop every minute.

    Thank you.

  6. I had a spreadsheet I used to analyze dividend stocks. It used VBA functions that accessed the Yahoo historical stock data which no longer works as of May 2017. I am working to make my spreadsheet work again. I see that we can get historical closing prices for many stocks from Google Finance. Where can I download historical dividend data from?


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