Web Services For Financial Data

Bulk historical stock quote downloaderRetrieve historical financial data for many stock tickers in Excel
Stock Quotes in ExcelDownload historical stock quotes from Yahoo
Company Financial Data from WebGet financial data for multiple companies. Uses the Yahoo Finance API
OPEC Basket Price History in ExcelUses Quandl API
Forex Data in ExcelAutomatically downloads historical FX data
Stock Quotes in MathcadDownload historical stock quotes from Yahoo
Historical Stock QuotesDownloads historical stock quotes from Google Finance into Excel. Automated with VBA.
Forex Data in MathcadAutomatically downloads historical FX rates (VBScript)
Historical VolatilityCalculate historical volatility from Yahoo stock quotes. Completely automated.
Stock Screener for Excel with Automatic Data DownloadDownloads financial data for over 6800 ticker symbols (over 60 items per ticker).
Stock Comparison SpreadsheetCompare up to ten stocks. Automatically retrieves financial information from web.
Finviz Stock Quote DownloadDownloads stock quotes for 6855 tickers from Finviz.com. Includes over 65 items of financial data.
Relative Strength Index from Stock TickerPlots Relative Strength Index. Type in a ticker, and Excel downloads data from Yahoo Finance
Real-Time Live Foreign Exchange RatesQueryTable that scrapes data from Yahoo Finance
Foreign Exchange Rates UDFAn Excel UDF and VBA that scrapes live forex rates from Yahoo Finance
Multiple Historical Stock Quotes DownloaderGet historical quotes for multiple tickers in Excel from Yahoo Finance
WTI Oil Price HistoryData sourced from the US Energy Information Authority
Bulk Forex History DownloaderDownloads multiple Forex histories via a web service
Plot RSI for Historical FX ratesGets historical forex rates from a web service and plots relative strength index
Historic Gold & Silver PricesGets historic prices from a web-service. Choose from many different currencies
Live Gold Spot Price in ExcelUses Excel's Web Query functionality
Brent Oil Price HistoryDownloads Brent oil price history into Excel from a web service
Yahoo Finance Stock Ticker SymbolsA complete list of Yahoo Finance stock tickers across many international exchanges
Intraday Stock Data in ExcelRetrieves intraday backfill from Google for your time interval and ticker
Bulk Dividend DownloaderDownloads dividends for bulk tickers
Download Precious Metal Prices and Plot Technical Trading ChartsAutomatic download of historical gold, silver, palladium and platinum prices, and plot MACD, RSI, EMA & Volatility
Live Stock Quotes in ExcelFinancial data from the web with a formula
Plot Candlestick Charts with VBAAn Excel spreadsheet that downloads historical pricing data from Yahoo and plots a candlestick chart

5 thoughts on “Web Services For Financial Data”

  1. Sir,
    can you give me indication of a vendor of financial data for fixed income products (such as swap curve and rates, caps, floors, volatility etc. for an accessible price?
    Thank you
    V. Donato

  2. Hi, I like your Excel Programs very much. Do you have any programs to bulk download Option Prices into Excel? If not, do you still write programs for a fee? Thank you very much.

    Paul Witzgall


  3. It Seems that Excel 2011 for Mac has a subset of the Windows version. Excel 2016 for Mac doesn’t support Macros. I decided to run WIndows 7 as a Virtual machine using Parallels Desktop which which I purchased when I was switching from Windows to Mac. I installed my copy of Office 2010 on it and discovered that some of these VBA packages work on Excel 2010 and other don’t.

    Do you have any ideas which of MS’s many version of Excel these VBA macros work on?

  4. Do you have a list (or a link to) the data Yahoo provides for mutual funds that I can import into Excel? I have found such a list for stocks, but for mutual funds I am interested in doing a bulk download of annual performance over the past decade. Yahoo provides the information under the PERFORMANCE tab for a mutual fund. Thanks in advance!


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