Complete List of Mutual Funds Across All International Exchanges

Get a list of mutual funds across all countries and exchanges, scraped from Yahoo Finance. It contains over 30000 funds.

A list of  all US mutual funds isn’t easy to find. You may find fragmented lists here and there that cover a particular sector.

But a complete list remains rare.

That’s why you need this spreadsheet. It contains all the mutual funds listed on Yahoo Finance, not only across the US but also across most international exchanges.  The exchanges include

  • London Stock Exchange,
  • New York Stock Exchange,
  • Toronto Stock Exchange,
  • Swiss Electronic Bourse,
  • Bombay Stock Exchange,
  • and all European, Asian, North American and South American exchanges.

The download link for the spreadsheet is at the bottom of this post. You can also get the data in a Google Doc spreadsheet here.

A spreadsheet containing a complete list of mutual funds (including ticker symbols) across all international exchanges

There’s 30276 individual listings –  a monster of a list. This includes nearly 13000 mutual funds listed in US exchanges.

The spreadsheet has the Yahoo Finance ticker symbol, the fund name, the exchange it’s traded on, and the country the exchange is based in. A filter is already set up – this means you can drill down to find funds listed by the exchange or the country.

Filter for mutual funds

So what can you do with this data? Well – the sky’s the limit. You can

  • use the ticker symbols to download historical market data in bulk
  • drill down to find funds listed in specific countries
  • develop screeners for your retirement funds
  • and more

Download Excel Spreadsheet with List of Mutual Funds Across International Exchanges

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