Stock Comparison Spreadsheet with Data Retrieval from Web

This Excel spreadsheet lets you compare critical financial data for up to 10 stocks. Use this spreadsheet to validate your existing investment strategy or pick out the strongest stocks.

UPDATE: This spreadsheet is now unlocked! Please reference if you adapt or modify this tool.

It automatically retrieves financial data for over 6800 stocks from The data is saved inside the spreadsheet so you only need to download updated data if you want the latest information.

This data includes market capitalization, P/E Ratio, Dividend, Return on Equity, weekly volatilities, gross and operating margins, beta, the average true range and more. There are over 60 key facts for each of the 10 stocks.

The spreadsheet is easy to use. Simply write a ticker symbol into one of the ten cells highlighted in blue (you can’t change anything else). A table will be populated with financial data for each ticker as they’re typed in.

Stock Comparison Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet automatically highlights the most favorible information (such as the lowest P/E ratio, or the highest dividend for each of the ten stocks). This feature lets you quickly locate the most favorable stocks.

The spreadsheet also calculates if the stock is undervalued or overvalued using the technique outlined in this article. Along with the other indicators in the spreadsheet, you use this information to screen for stocks worth investing in.

Please let me know if you have any comments.

This spreadsheet is now unlocked – all protection has been removed.

Download Stock Comparison Excel Spreadsheet with Automatic Data Retrieval – UNLOCKED

75 thoughts on “Stock Comparison Spreadsheet with Data Retrieval from Web”

  1. Hi
    I have found the spreadseet great – JUST WHAT I NEED… but, I am trading at Australian stock – ASX. Is there any way I can change VBA to get the data for Australian stock?

        • Hi Samir,

          Could you please send me a copy of the same excel spreadsheet that Lindsay requested below ( ie with the VBA code changed to download data on Australian stocks). Also is it possible for you to provide me the password to unlock the VBA module, and/or advise how much it would cost me to have an unlocked version.



      • Hi Samir,

        Similar to Midkhat, I am looking for the australian stock information also, how is it possible to modify the VBA to pull price history from yahoo finance? thank you.

  2. Hi Samir,

    I would like to modify this sheet, so it only shows two stocks at a time. I am going to then build in a grading system (-1,+1) for building Long Short Pairs. I would like to have the paired comparison code embedded on 20 tabs, with the fundamental data updated on demand and the outcome of each paired trade easily identified and calced.

    Can I get the password? or a modified version to the above specs? I am looking to compare like companies. So evaluating Coke vs Pepsi, to decide which is a better long, which is a better short, then being able to trade that spread in knowledge.

  3. Hi,

    Good work. However, I was wondering if we can use this with the BSE and NSE, ie. Indian stock exchange data. Normally, yahoo uses .BO and .NS in addition to the scripts listed on BSE and NSE. Could you send me the password so that I can try modifying suitably?

    thanks a lot
    and best wishes for going great

  4. Samir,

    Can you share the password with me as well? I used to do a lot of Excel hacking (I built a spreadsheet that tracked our entire mortgage derivatives book using the Cantor Fitzgerald screens back when I was at Lehman) and I’d like to make some tweaks to your spreadsheet.

  5. Samir,

    I was thinking something similar to Jack’s post. Were you able to modify it for him and if so may I have access to it or the password to modify the code myself? I am looking to create a hypothetical long/short strategy and start collecting data so I can test the strategy live. Additionally, would you have any idea how I could get historical data from (I am looking for basically a years worth the data on this spreadsheet that I can organize into a database to base my strategy off). Many thanks for the work you have published as well!


  6. Hi Samir,

    I’m most interested in the vba code you use to download the data from finviz and was hoping that you could help me with just that portion of the code. Is there any way you could either send me the code used for downloading the data or allow me access to it somehow?

    Thank you very much!

  7. Hi Samir,

    Great spreadsheet.

    Could you program for UK stocks please.

    I believe Yahoo have UK data but I don’t know the exact address.



  8. Hi Samir,

    Like Stock Comparison. Great idea. Kudos. I want to modiy the data sheet to read different columns and hide others. Instead of repeating this exercise over and over I want to write a small macros. The sheet is password locked. Do you provide the password or limited access to the spreadsheet? Thanks for the file. It works good.


  9. When I try to download updated data, I get the following message.

    Run-time error 1004
    Application-defined or object defined error.

    Is this because I’m using Mac?

  10. Hi Samir
    Thanx so much for the great work and JUST WHAT I NEED… but, I am trading at Singapore stock – SGX. Is there any way I can change VBA to get the data for Singapore stock?

    Unfortunately I cannot find a stock screener as comprehensive as Fin VIz. I guessed you need to use yahoo finance or if you can find one for me for the parameters. Its SINGAPORE EXCHANGE (SES) and Singapore Exchange stocks has a ticker code ending with .SI. THNX ALOT.


  11. Hi Samir,
    I really appreciate all the help you’ve given with this, and would like to echo my interest for multiple exchanges/redirect of exchange to Singapore Exchange SGX, BSE and NSE, Australia Stock Exchange ASX, etc. I really appreciate your work on this and after cobbling together a bunch of stuff I hope to share it with you someday.

  12. Hi Samir,

    I feel lucky to have found your site! I have found what I was looking for and that led to many more levels of interesting and useful research and tools.

    As it is not possible to see the macro code for the FinViz data download routine,
    I wonder if it would be possible to add 3 columns of data to the output:
    Price 6 months Ago, Price 3 months Ago, and Price 1 month Ago.

    The purpose is for a momentum screen. The screener on FinViz allows that in a fashion, with the Price Performance filter, but to combine the screens (Select 3-month from within the 6-month results and 1-month from results both in the 6-month and 3-month), requires a 3-level multi-keyed sort, which can be done in Excel.

    I did this once manually using the single-key FinViz price performance filter 3 times, then combining the filters manually, but that is quite a bit of effort that is simple to do in a worksheet given the data. If the actual prices from past periods cannot be harvested directly, then columns with the price performance would provide the same information

    If that is not possible, maybe another routine could be added to add the 3 columns harvesting the price data from Yahoo using the tickers from the FinViz Data output.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks in advance. And thanks for the great work!

  13. Hi Samir,

    I have tried two times previously to post comments, but to date my post appear to be removed ? When I add my comments and answer the security question, I can see my comments displayed. However when I visit the site the next day my comments have been removed, and no response displayed ? However I try again, maybe third time lucky :<)

    My Questions/queries are:

    (1) Can I have the password to change the tickers to get data on Australian stocks and/or can you please provide me with an amended spreadsheet, that extracts data from, if I give you the list of stocks I would like to enquire on.

    (2) Is it possible to add a column to confirm whether stock is undervalued/overvalued, ie not limited to ten stocks as currently displayed

    (3) Could another column be added to display the Piotroski F-Score rating

  14. Hi Samir,

    Excellent piece of software!

    Like to use it for my shares analysis. Please advise how I can change it to get the Malaysian KLCI data from Yahoo.

    Or other web site you know.

    Many thanks.

  15. Hi Samir, You are doing great. Thanks for sharing this.
    I had I request, I would appreciate if you could increase the desired rate to atleast 10% or more.
    Let me know. Thanks!!

  16. I am using Windows 8 and trying to download Stock Comparison Spreadsheet with Data Retrieval from Web but can not get beyond downloading the zip opener? Please help. Could you email me the Excel file.

    Thank you,


  17. Hi Samir,

    Hope you well.

    just wondering if this spread sheet can be utilised for any other market apart from US? like UK (LSE). It would be very helpful. only have info for US market but if you could use a website that utilises tickers by market (e.g. LSE:GOG) i think the problem may be resolved.

    Well keep me posted please.


  18. Hi Samir,

    This template is very amazing. Thank you very much for all the hard work.

    On the other hand, I would like to have a Malaysia (KLCI) and Singapore (SGX) version. Is it possible to combine both into your data?

    Please keep me posted.
    Thank you very much.

  19. Hello Samir,

    First I have to say, this is a fantastic spread sheet. There is so much rich information, unfortunately lots is over my head.

    I am participating in a stock market challenge with school and I was wondering if I could get the password to 1 change some fields to make it easier for me to read for my needs and or possibly be able to use on MS skydrive.


  20. Hi Samir,
    Great spread sheet. However when I try to download the latest data I get an error message “1004” in Excel. I am trying to run the spread sheet on a Mac version of Excel 2011. Could this be the problem?

    Also I was wondering if you managed to create a UK (LSE) and German (DAX) version of the spreadsheet yet?

    I am looking forward to your response.

  21. Hi Samir,
    You are a monster with the spreas sheet! Thanks a lot for share this great spread sheet!!

    I’m from Argentine and I’m trading at Argentinian stocks – TS.BA, RIGO.BA, etc. Could you change VBA to get the data for Argentinian stocks from Yahoo Finances?

    I use to retrieve information about the stocks, Yahoo Finances (for example:

    Thanks a lot for your dedication and effort!

  22. Hi Samir,

    Great spreadsheet here. Really appreciate what you have done here for all of us. However, if possible, could you please include stocks that are listed on ASX (australia stock exchange) too? If possible, it would be really great.

    Thanks once again for your great effort.


  23. Hi Samir,
    I click on cell C9 to change XOM to another symbol such as FB but nothing happens. The column does not update.
    Also I get a run time error 1004 when I press the “download updated data” button.
    Is this something you can help with? Thanks a lot.

  24. Samir,

    Thanks for your masterful job you’ve done on the Stock Comparison spreadsheet. I was just wondering why the favorable characteristics information that are highlighted in grey you mentioned disappears after downloading and updating the raw data?

  25. Hi Samir
    I have read all the comments and replies and have yet to work out how to get it too work with the (all ordinaries) Australian stock market, can it be modified to do that.

  26. Great work indeed ! I was wondering if you could provide any assistance by updating the sheet to enlist all NSE and BSE (Indian Stock Markets) since its pass locked. If you could email me the Indian version, that would be of great help since I don’t know the retrieval URL and also i can’t edit if even if i knew it. Thanks in advance.

  27. I love your SS. but it seems to not be working anymore. Does Finviz now require a log in to get this information? If so, I don’t know how to get the SS to know the log in. When I try to update the data it comes back with “no data was selected to parse” and sure enough there is not data on the data tab just a note about logging in.


  28. Samir,

    I get a runtime error on your spreadsheet. There seems to be an error with the VBA and it doesn’t bring back any data. “run-time erro 1004: No data was selected to parse”

    Thanks for sharing,

  29. Hello Samir,

    I would hate to see your hard work go to waste because of a greedy subscription. Will you be updating your spreadsheet to pull data from another source? Yahoo perhaps? If not, can you provide me with access to your spreadsheet so that I may do the work?

  30. Shamir,

    I have been using your spreadsheets for several years, and I would like to make a contribution to you for your work. Please give me a link or directions so that I may do so.

  31. Please be advised that this spreadsheet is excellent. However, I am unable to use the update data button – is there a way to overcome this? Perhaps, you have updated the actual or financial retrieval process?

    Thank you so much for your fabulous work!

  32. Hi Samir, great sheet….thou, i have a free subscription with Finviz, the download updated data does not work for me….in the Data tab, it says that “Your browser is no longer supported. Please upgrade your browser”…which I have.
    Any idea whats causing this not to work?


      • Thanks Samir.
        So after all this no longer works with Finviz….I understand a new version with Yahoo finance is in the works…any idea when it could be released? or any other excel based stock evaluator similar to yours that could be used that you know of?

        • I don’t have an ETA on the Yahoo Finance version. I’m not getting the responsiveness I wanted from the spreadsheet (and I’d rather not release a slow spreadsheet into the wild)

  33. Hey please provide the password. That will be really helpful to people who wants to make new amendments in sheet. Providing the password will be really appreciated more.

    Great work


  34. Do I need to have subscription from Finviz to download new data? When I click download updated data the whole sheet went N/A?


  35. Samir, I’m willing to pay your subscription fee to FinViz so you can make this spreadsheet work again. Please contact me to coordinate. Thanks

  36. Hey Samir, any way I can compare stock data like daily %change for 10 stocks over a specific time period. For example, what was the %change of stock price for apple and google between Mon to Wednesday last week? I would like to then graph the data.



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