ING Direct Orange Key

ING Direct Canada will give you a $25 bonus (or $50 until the end of December 2012) when you open any account with an initial deposit of $100. When completing the online application, you just need to enter the Orange Key 40014077S1 at the appropriate point.

ING Direct Canada has several accounts to choose from, including savings and chequing accounts, and several mutual funds. I have a monthly drip-feed into their Streetwise Balanced Growth Portfolio under a TFSA umbrella. In the year to date (January 2012 to December 2012), this has grown just a tad over 7%. This is better than any other savings account (although being a mutual fund, it carries more risk).

I have several bank accounts (including BMO and TD Canada Trust). They all have reasonably good online banking, but ING Direct Canada’s offering has a endearingly simple aesthetic. You don’t get overwhelmed by complicated options or a difficult-to-navigate design. This is what their online system looks like.

ING Direct Canada Online Banking

I’m reasonably happy with their telephone service as well. The representatives are always helpful and polite to a fault. They’re not afraid of laughing, or showing a sense of humor while maintaining their professionalism.

How to Get Your ING Orange Key Bonus

OK, so let’s say that you’ve decided to open an account. Whaddya do to get your $50?

First go here and select the account you want.

Then, once you get to the page in which you fill in your details, enter the Orange Key 40014077S1 at this point:

ING Direct Canada Orange Key

Finally, you’ll also need to post them a cheque for $100 (or more) as your initial deposit.

Once they’ve got that, your online account will show your deposit plus your bonus within a day or two (they’re reasonably quick!) In fact, the whole process took three days (from the day I sent off my cheque to the day I saw my bonus in my account).

The joy doesn’t end there! You’ll also get your own Orange Key as well. You can give this key to your friends, family, perhaps even post it on Facebook or Tweet it. If anyone opens an account using your Orange Key, you both get $25 each (or $50 before the end of December 2012).

You could earn a few thousand dollars if you have get enough referrals. Here’s how the system works.

Orange Key

So that’s $2025 in total (or it could be more if you start referring people in before the end of 2012.

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