Trading Journal Spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet provides a trading journal for active stock traders. It’s designed for traders who want to track, manage and maximize their performance in an easy-to-use spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet will help you track every single buy and sell in a customizable journal. New trades are easily added, and the spreadsheet suggests a stop-loss (based on the average true range, which every serious trader should know) and buy quantity (based on the initial risk, or 1R). Trades are saved in a historical ledger, and the spreadsheet summarizes all important trading parameters.

Trading Journal Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet has several sections. The Portfolio Summary section offers a summary of your trading position, and allows you to specify your Average True Range(ATR) multiple to set your stop-loss.

Trading Journal Portfolio Summary

The New Trade section lets you specify a trade, including the buy date, ticker symbol, ATR, buy price, and quantity purchased. If you’ve entered the last trading price, the spreadsheet will also suggest a quantity to purchase

Trading Journal New Trade

When you click the SAVE TRADE button, the trade is entered into the Ledger section. When they’re known, you can enter the sell price, sell commission and close date. The spreadsheet then calculates the realized profit (or loss!), the R-multiple, and several other parameters.

Download Excel Trading Journal Spreadsheet

18 Responses to "Trading Journal Spreadsheet"

  1. Oliver says:

    Dear Samir,

    Thank you very much for preparing and publishing the above trade journal which I use for my – however only limited number of – trades. I really appreaciate it.

    Actually it is a lot better than what I have seen on other web sites!

    In this regard, I have two questions, more precise one question and one request.

    a) In the spreadsheet there is a bx called “last trade”? What do you mean by this? What am I supposed to fill in it?
    b) Could you kindly send me or publish a version of the excel program which works with Excel 2003? I tried to simply save it with teh “xls.” ending, but then the makro does not work.

    Thank you very much for your response and best regards,

  2. Oliver says:


    please ignore question a). I obviously did not fully read your explanations.


    • Samir says:


      No problem – let me know if you have other questions!


      • Oliver says:

        Dear Samir,

        Thank you very much for publishing a revised version of your trading journal. I downloaded the v2 spreadsheet and started to fill in my trades.

        The spreadsheet works fine with Excel 2010 but when I use the excel file under Excel 2003 (which is the version I normally use) it says:

        “Runtime error 438 (Object does not support this property or method).”

        Can you help me? (I have no idea how macros work or how vba works). I googled a bit to find out that this happened before (although I cannot solve it).

        Thanks a lot for your help!

  3. Johnny says:

    Hi, When i click the “save trade” button it puts the new trade on the top of the ledger, shifting all my other trades down. I was wondering if there was anyway to edit this function to keep the older trades at the top, and put newer trades on the bottom as it allows me to add some more things i would like to keep track of in my diary!

  4. Chris says:

    Is there a way to add max draw down and calmar into this spreadsheet?

  5. Michael says:


    Can you make a journal for option trading?

    Thanks alot!


  6. Don says:

    Would love to see a option version, also.



  7. Dale says:

    Thanks for posting Samir. I look forward to the options spreadsheet as well. Are you thinking it will be a separate spreadsheet or fields added to the existing spreadsheet? Also a field for trade notes would be nice. Great work.



  8. Roger says:

    Ditto for the option trading version. This looks great. Very nice work.

  9. Torben says:

    Excellent sheet!!! I am trading in different currencies. Is it possible to make a version, which takes this into account. Or it is possible to change the macro myself…

    But very nice work.

  10. John says:

    Thanks for developing the worksheet and making it available. Any chance of this being made available in another format other than .xlsm? I’m guessing that the macro is for the ‘save trade’ button, but for those of us who don’t use MS Office this makes the sheet unusable. I’ve managed to get it showing in Google Drive (.xls and .xlsx files will convert) but the post function from trade to ledger isn’t available (no save trade button), and possibly some other issues. Formulas seem to have converted though.

  11. Jim says:

    Samir, Thank you for publishing this spreadsheet. I have made some changes to better suit my needs; including R multiple calculations and tax set-asides. The only part of the spreadsheet that I cannot access is the macro that is connected to the Save Trade button. I would like to be able to play with adding additional elements to each record for saving. Any advice? Open the spreadsheet for me? Thanks again…I’m donating 10.00 to the cause.

  12. Bursana says:

    Thank you for posting, Samir.

    I got a question regarding the calculation of the realised P&L.

    The formula that you have in the spreadsheet is:

    Realised P&L = [(Sell Price x Quantity) - Buy Commission] – [(Buy Price x Quantity) + Sell Commision]

    Why do we deduct the buy commision in the sell portion and add sell commision in the buy portion?

    or, in formula, why don’t we do this instead?

    Realised P&L = [(Sell Price x Quantity) - Sell Commission] – [(Buy Price x Quantity) + Buy Commision]

    The results is the same, however, I’m afraid I may miss the concept. Appreciate your help.


  13. James jang says:

    Any chance you would expand on this for longer term investors. Specifically pref shares and dividends on common stock and to handle drip?

  14. Ian says:

    Hi Simar

    How do I contact you for information on receiving an unlocked version of this file.
    I would like to know if I can get it modified for multiple ledgers and some other changes for the Australian ASX.

    Thank you

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