Stocks Traded on German Exchanges

Get a comprehensive list of companies traded on all German stock exchanges – over 21000 tickers!

This spreadsheet contains companies (and their tickers) listed on these German exchanges.

  • Berlin Stock Exchange – 6968 tickers
  • Dusseldorf Stock Exchange – 2254 tickers
  • Hamburg Stock Exchange – 1032 tickers
  • Hanover Stock Exchange – 458 tickers
  • Munich Stock Exchange – 4213 tickers
  • Stuttgart Stock Exchange – 5444 tickers
  • XETRA Stock Exchange – 993 tickers

That’s 21362 tickers in total.

A list of companies traded on all German stock exchanges

This comprehensive list is not easily found elsewhere – certainly not with all the tickers.

Use the tickers for downloading bulk historical quotes, technical analysis, researching financial data, finding undervalued stocks and more.

Spreadsheet of Companies Traded on German Stock Exchanges

2 thoughts on “Stocks Traded on German Exchanges

  1. Hi,
    thanks for this list. It is nice to have and I was looking for it.

    Some comments:

    In European Markets we mostly use ISIN number. I wonder if you could add that.
    One important trade market missing is Frankfurt. (ends .FR??) and there you ll find as well international stocks traded.
    Regional trade markets (except for Xetra that is national) have special purposes.

    Again thanks a lot for this greate work


  2. Hi,
    I have a long list of yahoo finance stock codes that I need to convert in Google finance codes.
    Any easy way to do that?

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