Want unlocked spreadsheets?

See a spreadsheet you like? Want the password?

Many of the spreadsheets on this site have free, open VBA.

But some I’ve protected – you can’t see the VBA without a password.

Want the password? Email me (simulationconsultant at gmail dot com) for a price.



2 thoughts on “Want unlocked spreadsheets?

  1. HI,

    1. may I plesase have a key to unlock the double barrier sheet (for private use)?
    Is it using VBA, or formulas?

    2. Do you possibly have a sreadsheet for pricing single barier cash or nothing options (for any asset, to price short term uoptions usually ofered by binary options brokers???


  2. Need spread sheet for use to track of “Open to buy” and “Open to sell” options in addition to regular Buy & Sell options.
    Do you have such and what is cost to down load?

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