List of ETFs Across International Exchanges

This Excel spreadsheet contains a comprehensive list of ETFs traded over nearly all international exchanges, including NYSE, LSE, NASDAQ, TSO and others worldwide.

The list was scraped from Yahoo Finance in October 2014, and cannot be found elsewhere – it’s an exclusive.

You might find partial lists here and there (perhaps across a single country or exchange) or in a searhable database. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a spreadsheet that contains everything in a flat list.

The spreadsheet gives you the Yahoo Finance ticker symbol, name, country and exchange.

A list of ETFs from NASDAQ

The exchanges include

  • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSO)
  • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

and other exchanges across North America, Europe and Asia.

An autofilter is already set up, so you can filter by the ETF name, country and exchange

spreadsheet autofilter with a list of international stock exchangesThat means, for example, you can find all the ETFs listed on UK stock exchanges, or other countries.

Use this list for selecting tickers to backtest against, researching new investments, getting bulk historical stock quotes and more. I trade a few ETFs in my portfolio as a lower-cost alternative to mutual funds.

Get Excel Spreadsheet with a List of ETFs Across International Exchanges

8 thoughts on “List of ETFs Across International Exchanges

  1. great information, I would like to know if it would be possible to actualize the list in the future
    thanks a lot for your excellent work

  2. Hi, great spreadsheet. I just wonder if that would be possible to add the sector or asset of the underlying security which would allow to filter swiftly for a particular ETF tracking the desired asset class, sector, index, etc.

  3. Hi Samir,
    This is great stuff!
    As part of my investment strategy I need to evaluate preferably all ETF’s.
    For this I would need access to data showing monthly (or quarterly) price listings over the last 10 years (or since the start of the ETF whichever is shortest).
    I would need to download these data into excel.
    If possible I would also need to add data on:
    1. Expense Ratio
    2. Leverage
    3. Market Cap
    4. Hyperlink to detailed information on the ETF

    Please indicate if your team can provide (most of) this info to me and under what conditions & cost.

  4. Hi Samir,
    Great stuff!.
    How could the list be updated?. That`d be great in order to get data and analyze multiple symbols.
    Thanks a lot for your work.

    1. I aim to upload an updated Yahoo ticker list in the first week of January. It takes a LONG time to collect and organize the data.

      If you find value in the ticker list, please consider donating (whatever you can afford) to keep me motivated 🙂

  5. Hi Samir
    I am in the process of writing up a spreadsheet in excell for ETF analysis – so far it downloads historical data from Yahoo including some fundamentals, does some charting (still working on this) calculates at least a dozen technical parameters (RSI, OBV, bollinger bands, MACD, ADX, etc) and back tests indicator signals plus combinations of signals to see which indicators work well and are consistent. So your complete ETF list is interesting and I’d like to incorporate this in my spreadsheet – would you allow me to access the VBA code to include in my sheet – what are the usual amounts for donations?? I am also interested in your scanners, 20 min. delayed stock quotes extraction and fundamental data scraping so I will be back in touch – hope you can assist

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