A List of All Yahoo Finance Stock Tickers

Get the complete list of Yahoo stock ticker symbols in an Excel spreadsheet – over 238000 ticker symbols for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, warrants and more, across many international exchanges.

You can use this list for stock screening, downloading bulk stock quotes, researching company financial information and more.

It’s a fantastic resource that is difficult to find elsewhere (certainly not on Yahoo’s website).

Use the tickers with the MarketXLS addin for Excel for live financial quotes in your spreadsheet.

This Excel spreadsheet was updated in January 2015.  It is broken down into eight sheets, one each for

  • stocks (25242 tickers)
  • ETFs (12827 tickers)
  • futures (38439tickers)
  • indices (32305 tickers)
  • mutual funds (27894 tickers)
  • currency pairs (3613 tickers)
  • warrants (49103 tickers)
  • bonds (49104)

That’s 238527 tickers symbols in total.

Complete list of Yahoo Stock Symbols in an Excel spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is filtered with respect to the exchange, category name, category number (and for stocks, the country). This means you can drill down to get get a list of all the Aerospace & Defense companies in the UK, Germany, US or elsewhere. This is useful for investment research.

You get tickers across all international exchanges, including

  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBT), Chicago Merctantile Exchange (CME) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • Sao Paolo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA)
  • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Bombay Stock Exchange (BO) and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG) and Chinese stock exchanges (SHZ, SHH)
  • European exchanges (including Germany, France, Amsterdam etc)
  • Melbourne Stock Exchange (ASX)
  • and many others

Now that you have the entire set of Yahoo ticker symbols, you can use the MarketXLS addin for Excel for live financial quotes; simply use the ticker symbol as an argument in one of over 80 functions.

Let’s say you want the market capitalization of Exxon Mobil.

Market capilization of Exxon Mobil in Excel

Just enter =MarketCapilization(“XOM”) function into a cell, and hit enter. MarketXLS then imports the live financial data. If you recalculate the spreadsheet, the market cap is updated. Click here to learn more and use coupon code investexcel for an exclusive 20% discount.

Download Excel Spreadsheet with Complete List of Yahoo Stock Ticker Symbols

37 thoughts on “A List of All Yahoo Finance Stock Tickers

  1. Hi Sir,

    Fantastic work, I had hard time finding a list for BOVESPA listed stock.
    I was wondering how you did find the raw data to built such an excel sheet.

    …Let say that I want to refresh the list sometime somewhere in 2015, is there a way to do that?

    Thx very much for this, amazing.


      1. samir your work is outstanding. Could you please develop some resources for Middle east stock index such as saudi arabia tadawul index. Your yahoo ticker list doesnt include the tickers of saudi arabia.

  2. Hi Samir,

    Thanks for the reply, I’m very curious on the ”philosophy” of your scrapping methodology, do you run a code that basically try every combination of characters designating possible stock symbols on a given exchange and add them loop after loop to a list if a positive response is given by yahoo when querying?

    Of course I’m not expecting you to give me your code! But I’m just very curious as I was thinking not long ago on how could I do just that and I haven’t find a way yet… so maybe you could just give a hint on how to do this?


    1. Your premise is correct. I test every combination of characters against every exchange, progressively adding them to a list if they are valid. The entire program takes a day to run (there are lots of combinations, and restrictions placed by Yahoo on the number of queries per hour)

      1. Hello

        My name is Samuel Van Ransbeeck. I am doing my PhD on sonofication of stock markets and this sheet will be handy. I am making a software toolbox to use stock market data for uses in algorithmic composition. Do you mind if I include a copy in the appendix of my thesis? It would be great for the user if he can see what symbols exists (most people who will use the app will be artists, so they will not have much knowledge about which symbols exist).

        I have a question regarding the queries: how many are you allowed to make during an hour? Do you have a number on that because I cannot find anything concrete on that matter.
        Anyway, thank you for this work
        Yours sincerely
        Samuel Van Ransbeeck

  3. Great VB application! Made use of the multi-ticker application. Thank you Samir. I have added to it a bit to calculate MACD, SMA, EMA, and RSI/RS and dusted off my VB knowledge in the process. Thank you for the impetus to learn again.
    Best wishes, David

  4. Hi Samir,
    Thanks for your amazing body of work. Could you add JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) to your scraper for the next run. The South African stocks are now available on Google finance.
    Many thanks. Jon

  5. Dear Samir,
    This is great idea and quite good result – thank you a lot. Unfortunately, many companies (at least from Hong Kong) are missed (e.g. 0002.HK. 0003.HK). Also – what is the Category Number means?


  6. Hello,

    I am doing a project that runs web queries on Russell 1000 companies to get information for stock screening. Your symbol list is how I get company names assigned to yahoo tickers. The following yahoo symbols are not on the spreadsheet.

    ATHN athenahealth, Inc.
    BRKR Bruker Corporation
    CDW CDW Corporation
    CELG Celgene Corporation
    CFN CareFusion Corporation
    CI Cigna Corp
    CMCSA Comcast Corporation
    COMM CommScope Holding Company, Inc.
    COTY Coty Inc.
    CPA Copa Holdings SA
    CR Crane Co.
    CTAS Cintas Corporation
    CTRX Catamaran Corporation
    EPE EP Energy Corporation
    GHC Graham Holdings
    GWR Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
    HLT Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc
    IEX IDEX Corporation
    IMS IMS Health Holdings, Inc.
    JBL Jabil Circuit Inc.
    KATE Kate Spade & Company
    KMT Kennametal Inc.
    KN Knowles Corporation
    LAZ Lazard Ltd.
    LB L Brands, Inc
    LPT Liberty Property Trust
    MD MEDNAX, Inc.
    MHK Mohawk Industries Inc.
    MRO Marathon Oil Corporation
    MSCI MSCI Inc.
    NAVI Navient Corporation
    PAH Platform Specialty Products Corporation
    PINC Premier, Inc.
    PRA ProAssurance Corporation
    PTC PTC Inc.
    QGEN Qiagen NV
    RICE Rice Energy Inc.
    ROL Rollins Inc.
    SABR Sabre Corporation
    SC Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc.
    TCO Taubman Centers, Inc.
    TSS Total System Services, Inc.
    USM United States Cellular Corporation
    WHR Whirlpool Corp.
    WLK Westlake Chemical Corp.
    WYN Wyndham Worldwide Corporation
    ZU zulily, Inc.

    Add there names to the list and you are covered (for now) when using the Russell 1000 universe of stocks.

    1. OK, I’ll start preparing one. It takes hours and hours and hours (and then some) to scrape Yahoo and present the information. I’d appreciate a link from your blog or website in return :)

  7. Samir, it would be great also, if you add a worksheet with directory of Exchanges, whose codes are used in your ticker list (fields: exchange code, exchange name, country). Otherwise, could you provide a link to such a dictionary on the web, please. It’s like codes that of Google Finance, not Yahoo. Any comments of yours are welcome and appreciated

  8. Hi Samir,
    Are there BSE and NSE (Indian sensex) in your ticker list. IF not, can you pls include them.
    Thanks a lot in Advance.

  9. Hi Samir,

    Thanks for sharing such a great excel.

    However, there are still quite a few Hong Kong stock ticker symbols that are missing too beside the Kuala Lumpur stock codes that Henry mentioned in another post.

    Your coding should pick up all stock codes from Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur especially when they consist of numbers only.

    Here’s a list of stock codes from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for your reference.

    Thanks~and hope your excel gets even better!

  10. Holy mother of goodness, Thank you, Thank you, thank you. I had been developing my own scraper for personal research. looking at the number of possible symbols even for just the us market 27^5 crashed the memory in my program. Not to mention the web parsing to follow. Very valuable, thank you.

  11. Taiwan market is not complete, .TWO is the Taiwan OTC market, the main Index, the Taiwan Stock Exchange tickers are in .TW, would be great to add these in future, thanks for a great work!

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